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Feb 12, 2024

Chances are if you are a consignment seller or reseller, you feel isolated and know very few people that you can relate to in terms of your reselling business. But the fact is that you are not alone in feeling isolated and disconnected. It is easier than you think to connect and find a community you can grow with! Check out Consignment Chats' YouTube Video on Community & Connections in 2023 (Episode 128).

Things can get crazy as a reseller . . . emails and texts to answer, products to list, sales to ring, social media to post. Oh wait, and the local boutique is having a closeout sale! It is easy to get caught up and overwhelmed in the day to day challenges of reselling, and when you need to step out and get some perspective and maybe even vent, who do you turn to? Chances are there are not many people in your immediate circle that can truly appreciate and understand the pressures and challenges of reselling. I know I certainly felt this way for years! I did not have time or energy to connect, let alone spend time trying to find a like-minded community. This was actually how the Consignment Chat Community was born: building a resourceful community of collaborative resellers.

Taking a few moments out of your busy day to connect can provide so many benefits: Connections, Ideas, Growth, Support, Perspective . . . as outlined in ”Top 12 Benefits of Networking : Why Networking is Important” by Micheal Page.

The simple act of finding a community can vastly improve both your business and your mindset.

In just a few simple steps you can begin to connect, network, and be part of a community:

  1. Take a look and browse different communities

  2. Join & Participate

  3. Connect at an event

Browse different communities

If you still aren't convinced community and networking can help you, read Zapnito's article on "The Importance of Networking.” There are many independent reselling communities, look around and see which community may suit your needs and personality. Most are free to join and network, and you can join a few, since they aren't exclusive.

Here are a few online communities on Facebook:

  1. Consignment Chats Community: A free, private community on Facebook. Consignment Chats is Building a Resourceful Community of Collaborative Resellers.

  2. 4 Corners by Sarah Marshall: Visit Sarah’s website to find all the ways to connect including a free, private, Facebook group. “I help consignment store owners increase their sales by working less so they can achieve their financial goals and create the work-life balance of their dreams.” is Sarah’s mission.

  3. Business for Online Selling Success (BOSS): “This group is for online sellers who are looking for a positive, supportive community where we are able to explore and learn all facets of running successful businesses with a focus on the business and numbers side. We talk taxes, discuss monthly reporting, business strategies, and anything that is a part of running your online business no matter what platform you're selling on. We share great deals and finds and sometimes include links to those deals and finds that may be an affiliate link. And of course we love everything else that goes along with being an eBay seller, Amazon seller, and any number of other platforms you may be selling on!”

There are so many communities and options. And if you find yourself in the wrong group, you can always leave. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with other resellers that are helpful and positive, it can be easy to get sucked into a negative vortex of bad energy. Don't beat yourself up if this happens, just leave and move on (it has happened to the best of us).

Finding a partner or group that can relate to you and motivate you can make all the difference. We started the Consignment Chats Community on Facebook and our Mastermind Patreon specifically for this reason! It may or may not be the right fit for you, but chances are one community will fit. And if not you can always start your own!

Join & Participate

Choose a community or group of people. Once you have chosen and joined a community, review the rules and go ahead . . . participate! It may be a little daunting at first, but groups love questions and participation, it is the lifeblood of a community. Chances are, if you have a question, quite a few other people have the same one, and maybe a few more even have answers.

As with many things in life, you get out of it what you put in.

University Lab Partners agree with their article on “Why Networking is Important.”

Connect at an event

I had connected with local business owners for years, and it was very fruitful. However, it did not compare to the connections I have made in the reselling and consignment world. There is something special about being able to collaborate and connect with people that understand exactly what you are doing! Connecting online is great, but connecting in person is even better. Here are a few in-person events specifically for resellers. If you have the opportunity, it is well worth the investment for yourself and your business. Below are some annual events that might be worth checking out:

Boss Reseller Remix October in Las Vegas, NV (Oct 16-19 2023) Check out Consignment Chats Episode 95 Recap of Boss Reseller Remix 2023

FlipCon August in Charlotte, NC (Aug 9-11 2023) A Reseller Networking Event

Camp Listing Party June in Phoenix, AZ (June 27 & 28 2023) As per ListPerfectly you will “learn for reselling experts, get tips on best business practices, hear from reseller social media starts, learn how to grow your business, network and connect with other sellers . . .”

Ebay Open in September Online Consignment Chats Recap 2021. Consignment Chats Recap 2022.

Even if an annual conference is not on your agenda, a local meetup might be a great option!

Check the following for local resources: “Meetup creates possibilities to find and build local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions together.” is a geo-based service that will help you find or establish a group near you.

Ebay Local Events: Search for online and geo-based events with other resellers using ebay’s seller events page.


There is no need to feel isolated as a consignment seller or reseller; there is no need to do it all yourself. Joining and participating in a community is easy, but the benefits you will reap are immeasurable. I speak from experience; going from an isolated person out in the universe running a consignment store to belonging to a larger group of resellers has made a positive difference both personally and professionally. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Guest post by Consignment Chats --- check out their Facebook group, Podcast, and other resources!

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